Church outside the walls! Exploring the life enriching teachings of the Bible…right in a working Starbucks! [St Arbucks :-)]

Every Thursday lunchtime (1 till 2pm) there is a group of people of differing ages and backgrounds, men and women, from all sorts of churches…and some from none…gathered to consider and (humbly) discuss God’s Word.

We’ve been gathering there every week for about four years now. Peter and Terry usually lead the discussion. Gracious participation is encouraged (though if you prefer you can just sit and listen).

If you’re available…living in Bromley, passing through Bromley, on your lunch break…you’re invited to come and join us. Grab a coffee (and maybe a snack) and join us upstairs.

It’s an uncomplicated, refreshing, ‘spiritual oasis’ in the middle of your week, in the middle of your day!

Hope to see you there!